Mistakes to Avoid When Carrying Out Pond Building and Pond Maintenance

A pond at home can be even more precious than a pool. A pond is a true piece of nature at its most beautiful, right in your backyard. One of the nicest parts to putting a pond in your home is that it is supposed to look really kind of natural. You don’t really need to call in a professional to do it. But doing it on one’s own can be a trial and error affair. There are mistakes that are made making ponds, and there are mistakes in pond maintenance that are made as well.

To the first time pond builder, the main mistake to watch out for is the one where they aim too small. They don’t really really mean to. They think to themselves that they are to build a 250 gallon pond and it sounds like a lot to them. In reality, that would make a laughably tiny pond – only about four square feet and about 2 foot deep. What kind of pond would that be?

In general, you need to think of getting as large a pond as your space can possibly fit. Ponds have to be 10 or 15 feet across. And they have to be at least 4 or 5 feet deep. That’s what you should aim for. But you should ask around. Whatever fish you hope to put in your pond, they probably have specific needs as well.

Coming to pond maintenance, many pond owners make the mistake of underestimating how large a pump they need. When they go to the store, it seems to them like a smaller and cheaper pump would be a good idea. Bring it home though, and you’ll find that it is so underpowered that you have to run it a lot of the time. Pond maintenance becomes much easier when you get a pump that’s correctly powered for the task. Also, stay away from oil-cooled pumps. If the oil leaks out, that’s the end of your pond.

In the landscape gardening industry, they call someone who has a pond a water gardener. That’s for a reason. A pond isn’t just supposed to have the smattering of plants and a few fish. It has to be totally alive with plants. That’s the way a real pond is anywhere. And it’s a good thing for your fish, too. Not only do they have lots of food and lots of hiding places to play around in then, plants give them the oxygen that they need. Not to mention, when you’re pond catches the sun during the day, it’s going to heat up and your fish are going to be extremely uncomfortable. When there are plants, they can wait in the shade and they’ll be fine. It’s a great mistake to just not equip a pond with enough plantlife.

There is such a thing as taking pond maintenance too far. Many pond owners make this mistake – when they look at algae in their water, they are shocked at how it looks makes the water look turbid. They feel that a beautiful pond should look crystal clear. That’s a very bad idea though. Natural ponds are turbid. Algae is natural. Just as long as you don’t get any bad algae, it’s good for the fish. It’s important to not do anything to take the algae out.

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