5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Kids will come in contact with germs, but these back-to-school tips for health will make a difference.

It seems like once children go back-to-school they start bringing home a new sickness every week.

This cycle is inevitable; children exposed to other children will spread germs quickly when confined to close quarters like classrooms, and the younger children are the less likely they are to practice certain hygiene musts (like covering a sneeze properly).

While childhood sicknesses are a important part of building immunity as an adult, that doesn’t mean you have to let your children go to school without the best defense possible.

They are going to get sick, that’s the truth, but they don’t have to be sick all the time.

Try these 5 back-to-school tips to keep kids healthy:

1) Pack a water bottle:

It may seem like an average tip to keep a child healthy in school, but packing a water bottle isn’t about being well-hydrated in this situation. A water bottle will eliminate your child’s need to visit the water fountain, a place experts told CNN is covered in more germs than a toilet. Water fountains are also less likely to be sanitized as often as other areas of a school, and they are the ideal way for children to suck down a mouthful of germs.

2) Send children with a bottle of hand soap:

Hand sanitizer may be all the rage, but disturbing reports suggest teenagers are using it for reasons other than sanitation. Instead of sending this alcohol-based substance to school, send children with a travel-sized bottle of hand soap in their favorite fragrance. This will remind children to wash their hands whenever possible (hand washing is superior to hand sanitizer anyway).

3) Keep children calm with essential oils:

Stress can weaken anyone’s immune system, and children heading back to school are under a lot of stress from friends and teachers. While there are a number of ways to help children relax at home, when you can’t be with them it is possible to use the power of aromatherapy to calm nerves. A trinket on a backpack or a hair accessory makes the perfect place to dab a little essential oil for relaxation. Look for essential oils like rose, lavender and jasmine.

4) Make sure children get enough sleep:

A healthy diet is usually top on the list when it comes to keeping a … Read the rest