How To Start A Container Garden

Sometimes, the urge to garden might be stomped out by other circumstances,such as living arrangements or space constrictions. If you live in an apartment, you can’t really operate a full garden, just because you don’t really have a yard! I think that one of the best solutions for this problem is to grow plants in containers. You can hang these, or just arrange them on your patio, window sill or balcony. Just a few baskets or pots, and your whole living area will look much classier and nicer.

A benefit of growing in small containers is the fact that you can move them around to suit your needs. If you rearrange your furniture and you think that it would look nicer if it was in the other area, it’s no trouble at all to scoot it over. As long as the lighting is about the same, your plant shouldn’t mind the transition at all. Another benefit of the containers’ versatility is the fact that you can adapt it to simulate any environment depending on the type of soil you fill it with and where you place it.

If you are trying to make an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of containers and plants, you can adjust the containers to be at different heights by hanging them from the ceiling or placing them on supports.Hanging them will allow you to make the most of the space you have. This is called “vertical gardening”. If you pull it off right, you can make a very pleasing arrangement of plants while conserving your valuable space.If you live in an apartment, you know how important it is to conserve space! One method of vertical gardening is the use of a wooden stepladder. If painted correctly, you can arrange all the plants on it in a beautiful, stylish cascade of color.

The maintenance of container plants takes slightly more time, since you have to water more often and go around to each individual container.However, the square footage for container plants is much less than that of an actual garden, so the time spent on maintenance and watering is more balanced. It is important that you don’t over-water your container plants,as this can be just as fatal to their health as under-watering.

When choosing containers for your plants, you’ll want to buy them all at once along with some extras in case they break or you add more … Read the rest

5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Kids will come in contact with germs, but these back-to-school tips for health will make a difference.

It seems like once children go back-to-school they start bringing home a new sickness every week.

This cycle is inevitable; children exposed to other children will spread germs quickly when confined to close quarters like classrooms, and the younger children are the less likely they are to practice certain hygiene musts (like covering a sneeze properly).

While childhood sicknesses are a important part of building immunity as an adult, that doesn’t mean you have to let your children go to school without the best defense possible.

They are going to get sick, that’s the truth, but they don’t have to be sick all the time.

Try these 5 back-to-school tips to keep kids healthy:

1) Pack a water bottle:

It may seem like an average tip to keep a child healthy in school, but packing a water bottle isn’t about being well-hydrated in this situation. A water bottle will eliminate your child’s need to visit the water fountain, a place experts told CNN is covered in more germs than a toilet. Water fountains are also less likely to be sanitized as often as other areas of a school, and they are the ideal way for children to suck down a mouthful of germs.

2) Send children with a bottle of hand soap:

Hand sanitizer may be all the rage, but disturbing reports suggest teenagers are using it for reasons other than sanitation. Instead of sending this alcohol-based substance to school, send children with a travel-sized bottle of hand soap in their favorite fragrance. This will remind children to wash their hands whenever possible (hand washing is superior to hand sanitizer anyway).

3) Keep children calm with essential oils:

Stress can weaken anyone’s immune system, and children heading back to school are under a lot of stress from friends and teachers. While there are a number of ways to help children relax at home, when you can’t be with them it is possible to use the power of aromatherapy to calm nerves. A trinket on a backpack or a hair accessory makes the perfect place to dab a little essential oil for relaxation. Look for essential oils like rose, lavender and jasmine.

4) Make sure children get enough sleep:

A healthy diet is usually top on the list when it comes to keeping a … Read the rest

Why You Should Install Solar Garden Lighting

Lights of this variety are just as bright as those that operate off electricity or battery power. When you select wisely and combine different types of lights, you can achieve the perfect setting for your garden without spending a ton of money.

This is because solar features require less installation than electrical lights. Since natural energy is provided directly by the sun, there is no need to have a technician run wires to your home. You will be able to set up your own lighting features in a very short period of time.

Also, using natural energy will save you money in the long run because it will not be running up your electric bill. You also will not have to worry about buying batteries. Sunlight is a completely free, renewable source of energy that will never burn out.

Not only will you save lots of money by going with natural light sources in your garden, but you will have a wide selection of different types as well.

Decorative figures that are placed wherever you choose between your plants are one way to go that allows you to add a bit of your own personality to your surroundings. Gnomes are very popular these days, as are a wide variety of animals such as bears, ladybugs, and butterflies.

You can also use light features to increase the visibility in your garden. This may be a line of small lights along a main path or larger sized pieces around the edges. You can illuminate the garden to be visible from the back deck at night or for safety purposes if you enjoy walking in the dark.

You will save lots of money and time by purchasing natural light sources. You won’t have to mess with installation or wait for a technician and you will likely be able to afford more lights this way.

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Unique Home Decor Accessories

The secret to great home decor is detail and more detail. This is because it is the different details that work to make a room unique. What better way is there of having a well decorated home if not the use of unique home decor accessories? Accessories are the details that are needed to furnish a room but they will only work as long as they are added in a tasteful manner and are in accordance with the room’s overall style. For a great range of furniture and accessories, click here.

When it comes to home decor accessories, many options abound and they range from table clothes, to wall clocks, plants, flowers and containers. While it might not be possible to include all the available options, you can use a number of ways to narrow down the selections and one of these is to use a particular theme for buying the accessories. The theme should be in terms of colour and style that will go hand in hand for a complete and beautiful look. If you would like to include home decors to side tables they should be kept at the same height with the sofa. Avoid small items as well because they will not be ideal for the area’s scale and will therefore not make a dramatic statement on the side tables. Scale is usually a very important factor when it comes to adding accessories of any furniture piece including armoires and bookcases.

Art pieces can be unique home decor accessories as well and this is because they are known to add both definition and colour to any room. They also create a good focal point from which a person can start working from. Unlike what most people think, it is not advisable to have very many pieces in a single room but you should rather have two pieces. Alignment of the artwork should also be done in a particular manner; the pieces should be of various heights or they can be grouped together to form a good set of coordinating work

Well deciding on the placement of the accessories might not be such a difficult thing to do for some people but rather looking for them. Such people however need not lose hope because there are from which you can get the accessories easily. Such places include flea markets where there are many sellers who come together … Read the rest

Landscaping front yards have special planning considerations

No matter the size of your front yard, landscaping front yards usually have different planning requirements than other, more private areas of your garden. The front yard is typically more open, making it easier for visitors to find their way to your front door. You must also consider that landscaping front yard designs should incorporate certain safety factors, guarding against intruders. The style you choose may be a factor as well. For example, if you have a large front yard in the cottage garden style, this may affect access adversely, both for guests and intruders. A more open plan may be a better choice, but this doesn’t preclude using privacy screens or shrubbery to achieve both objectives of privacy, safety and good looks. Let’s take a look at some design techniques you can use to create your ideal front yard landscaping.

If you might be selling your home in just a few years, you’re wise to heed that old real estate adage on ‘curb appeal’. When selling a home, the front yard landscaping is what prospective buyers see first. This truly can make or break the sale. A well manicured front yard makes that buyer more enthusiastic about your home before they ever enter. In this case, you might want to give this factor some weight.

When you’re landscaping front yards, you want to scale your garden design to the size of the front yard. For example, a small front yard is overwhelmed with a single large tree as the main focus, causing the front yard to appear smaller, as well as awkward. Consult plant catalogs and gardening encyclopedias to find plants which are suited to the size of your front yard.

Before you settle on a specific style, browse the home and garden magazines to pick out plants and design features which you find appealing. Compile a portfolio of these various features, including lighting, trellises, pathway materials, edgings and statuary – whatever catches your eye. Ultimately, you probably won’t use all of these, but this technique helps you focus and directs you to a style that suits all of your objectives.

A large front lawn, with green stretching from the street to your front door, edged with a curving flower bed next to a brick pathway, is perhaps the most open of landscaping front yard designs, but not the most interesting. Consider breaking up the space with some well … Read the rest

How To Build A Pond With Only Fish Pond Liners

Before modern rubber fish pond liners became available, people would just use concrete. Without a doubt, concrete is strong; but it tends to crack over time. Even the slightest earthquake, or ice pressure in winter can crack concrete. The new fish pond liners are made of the kind of synthetic rubber called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM. You get sheets of these to line your pond with, and they stretch over any unevenness that there may be. If there is ice pressure or a slight earthquake, these rubber liners just stretch to accommodate it all. when it comes to durability, you might be surprised to know that EPDM can be as tough as concrete.

Perhaps people are surprised to hear about how durable it can be, because they think when they hear the word “ethylene”, that it must be something like polyethylene – the ubiquitous plastic that we find in it everything, everywhere. In truth, the two have nothing to do with each other. EPDM is a completely different thing and it’s very tough.

You could actually use fish pond liners to build a pond above ground just as you can build something more traditional below ground level. But there are specific ways you do need to follow instructions for how the pond is to be shaped. Let’s say that your plan is to build a belowground pond. You need to make sure that it is at least 2 feet deep, that the sides are straight, and that the floor itself is slightly sloped to enable water drainage.

EPDM can get really tough and inflexible when it’s cold. It’s usually a good idea to leave it out in the sun so it can soften. That way, when you lay the liner down, it will hug all the curves of your pond and really fit snugly. Snugness is pretty important; if you can’t get it as snug as you would like it, you can be pretty sure that once you fill your pond with water, that the weight of the water will settle everything nice and tight.

Now with fish ponds, the liner does need to the fish safe. When the synthetic rubber comes into contact with the water, it’s possible that there will be a certain amount of water contamination that will take place. Most experts recommend that you wait for some time after you fill your pond for Read the rest

The Attraction of a Fish Pond

If you are looking for something special to add to your backyard landscape, then you might want to consider adding your own fish pond. A well stocked fish pond is a fantasticaddition to any garden and whats more it doesn’t have to be too hard to care for. Looks great, adds interest and you don’t want to have to tend to it all of the time – perfect! For the most part, you only need to ensure that you have enough water to keep the fish happy, and a source for keeping the water moving in some manner, and of course, a way for the fish to eat. If you have those things, your pond will be a roaring success.

Most landscape gardeners build fish ponds by first digging a large hole. Although this is one way to do it, you don’t have to have a lot of space to have a pond. If you have a large area for a pond, you can have a contractor come in to dig you a hole. If you have a natural spring under a part of your yard, that is the perfect place to put fish ponds. That means the pond will be fed naturally with fresh water, and you won’t have to worry about the water going stale or lacking on oxygen.

Some who don’t have a lot of space can still have fish ponds if they want to do so. There are large tubs that are made especially for this purpose and you can get them in many shapes and sizes. These are very convenient, as you just have to dig out a hole large enough to hold it. However, this type of pond requires a pump to make sure that water is circulating. You can’t have fish in water that is not moving and has no way to clear out. Though fish clean to some extent, they need a steady supply of fresh water.

When it comes to choosing what to put into your fish ponds, remember you want to stay to one species if you don’t know a lot about fish. Some fish will eat others, and you don’t want to put helpless fish in with those that might eat them. Most like to have just one type anyway, especially if they have the smaller of the fish ponds out there. Some of the most popular types of … Read the rest

Mistakes to Avoid When Carrying Out Pond Building and Pond Maintenance

A pond at home can be even more precious than a pool. A pond is a true piece of nature at its most beautiful, right in your backyard. One of the nicest parts to putting a pond in your home is that it is supposed to look really kind of natural. You don’t really need to call in a professional to do it. But doing it on one’s own can be a trial and error affair. There are mistakes that are made making ponds, and there are mistakes in pond maintenance that are made as well.

To the first time pond builder, the main mistake to watch out for is the one where they aim too small. They don’t really really mean to. They think to themselves that they are to build a 250 gallon pond and it sounds like a lot to them. In reality, that would make a laughably tiny pond – only about four square feet and about 2 foot deep. What kind of pond would that be?

In general, you need to think of getting as large a pond as your space can possibly fit. Ponds have to be 10 or 15 feet across. And they have to be at least 4 or 5 feet deep. That’s what you should aim for. But you should ask around. Whatever fish you hope to put in your pond, they probably have specific needs as well.

Coming to pond maintenance, many pond owners make the mistake of underestimating how large a pump they need. When they go to the store, it seems to them like a smaller and cheaper pump would be a good idea. Bring it home though, and you’ll find that it is so underpowered that you have to run it a lot of the time. Pond maintenance becomes much easier when you get a pump that’s correctly powered for the task. Also, stay away from oil-cooled pumps. If the oil leaks out, that’s the end of your pond.

In the landscape gardening industry, they call someone who has a pond a water gardener. That’s for a reason. A pond isn’t just supposed to have the smattering of plants and a few fish. It has to be totally alive with plants. That’s the way a real pond is anywhere. And it’s a good thing for your fish, too. Not only do they have lots of food and … Read the rest